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Next Formats

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Digital-Strategy and Media Consultant Cindy Stivers moderates a panel about the upcoming generation of media formats.

Steven Levy is editor-in-chief of Backchannel, a publication dedicated to insightful tech articles operated by the publishing platform Who is a professional and who is someone with something great to share? Steven thinks that we should fuse the boundaries.

Robert Macdonald works developing Pinterest partnerships with publishing and media companies and he has a great background at companies like Google or DoubleClick.He defines Pinterest as a platform about the future that saves peoples interests and gives brands a place for being discovered. Traditional formats don’t fit in digital media. It has to be different. Robert suggests to observe kids as the focus group, to analyze the way they consume media.

Marty Moe is the president of Vox Media, which blends teams of digital natives, producers, editors and journalists, reaching 160 million people with powerful distribution and publication technologies. Marty speaks about the way we have gone through regarding the development of new formats for digital, which started with a first phase consisting of traditional companies and brands publishing their magazines and news in the web. Second phase was based in the generation of companies and media brands offering cheap content by non professionals. We are now going for the third phase, wich aims to the social distribution of good content, connecting with the audience by offering better experiences.

Steve Rosenbaum introduces himself as a video guy. He is the author of Curation Nation and the CEO of Waywire, the web’s largest Video Curation Platform. Should non professional people who create content that add value and drag consumer’s interest be paid? Steve disagrees with the majority, with a good point: Those people are writing, uploading videos, creating content of things they are passionate about. They do it out of love and that is the reason why great things come up. If this becomes a job, homework they have to do, it is not going to work the same way, it is going to get worse. Money does not help here.