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The Future of Marketing

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Carolyn Everson, in charge of Facebook international marketing, joins DLDnyc stage with DLD Chairman Yossi Vardi for a q & n session.

What are the main issues that CMO’s face today? For Carolyn the answer is clear: the main concern is growth. Other matters are also key, like finding talent that is willing to think in a different way, hire the right people for increasing the strength of the team. A CMO must also be aware of new entrances of other companies. But above all, growth is the main issue, how to make it possible for a business. She declares herself being obsesily focused in making sure that everyone who is investing money in Facebook receive value in return.

It is easy to deduce if ads are adding value for your members or just bothering them by measuring their level of engagement. Regarding target marketing, Carolyn brings up an example. Among the attendees there are two people planning to buy a car in the next 30 days. TV constantly addresses car’s commercials to everyone of us. Woudn’t it be more interesting for the car company to just meet those two targeted people and send them a carefully personalized message?

Another keypoint in the future of marketing lays unquestionably on videos. Vice president of Facebook marketing assures that 50% of all the Facebook users see 1 video per day. Visual communication, in general, will be the predominant way of telling stories and sharing experiences. Young people love using photos and videos, it is essential to their communication and that is the reason why Instagram has grown so much. But it is necessary to think of the user experience in context, have you ever thought how often do we consume videos in mobile with the sound off?