DLD13 Liveblog: Creative ways to sell

Creative ways to sell

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There are few areas as interesting as e-commerce as consumers are both buying and giving in new ways never seen before.

It´s hard to talk about e-commerce without talking about Amazon and eBay. They are dominant, but not in Europe as there are many countries where they do not deliver. This is opening up a big gap in the e-commerce market ready to be filled by Oskar Hartmann (KupiVIP), Hjalmar Winbladh (Wrapp), Frederic Court (Advent Venture Parners) and Sina Afra (Makrafoni)

Stefan Winners moderating the panel asked what the big change has been the last year in e-commerce. Anwer: "All the big stores are going into multichannels digitally but at the same time they are opening up big stores physically to be present with their brand". And then of course that e-commerce is going mobile. Gift cards is also a part of e-commerce that´s big and going mobile with social graphs. Meaning what we buy and give are being tracked and what they learn is used to create business models and a tool for making the strategy for new products.

As a country Turkey was especially mentioned, as was Russia as a very interesting e-commerce market. Turkey has a strong infrastructure and can deliver goods extremely fast. For starting e-commerce businesses on the other hand is harder. The business angel community is small and there are few VC so there is a need for a strong investment community in general in Turkey.

Russia was said to be predictable as everything comes a couple of years later than everywhere else. And the growth of the middle class have been incredible. Oscar Hartmann said their goal was to deliver 20 million packages per year. As when Hartmann responded to fellow panelist that they where focusing on what will change in 5 years in e-commerce, Hartmann was focusing on the opposite; What will not change in 5 years?".