DLD13 Liveblog: How social media is changing China and Asia

How social media is changing China and Asia

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China is the most exciting place for social media right now! Kitty Lun, Steven Goh, Duncan Clark and Kevin Lee all agreed that china is more than a copy cat nation.

E-commerce is growing really fast and mobile payment is big in China. There are even payment companies in China bigger than PayPal. The consumers are more mobile and even though many don´t have the means to buy the newest smart phones there are "low functionality smart phones". And last year there was sold one billion of them.

The young people in China is the first generation thinking a lot about "Me" and "who am I" witch is defining social media products. Even though China is known for copying other social networks they are good at picking the best from them all and making it into their own.

"Chinese consumers are obedient, you tell them what to use and they do it". Kitty Lun