DLD13 Liveblog: It Takes Three For a DLD

It Takes Three For a DLD

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Steffi welcome

"I should zip my mouth, I've been talking nonstop since I arrived here," she said and laughed wholeheartedly, Ebru Zeybek of Turkey. She found a seat in the crowded Atrium here at #dld13. It's her first time at any Digital Life Design conference, so she actually belongs to those 5% newbies Co-Chair Yossi Vardi embraced in his part of the welcome speech.

Welcome 1

The two DLD Chairmen promised to not sing this year.

Hubert Burda alongside "his shadow" Yossi Vardi and the heart-organizer of it all, Steffi Czerny, promised to show patterns that connect this year. The participants on the main stage translated this already into a core theme, networking. Ebru Zeybek for one added me on LinkedIn. Welcome to #dld13!