DLD13 Liveblog: Patterns of connectivity

Patterns of connectivity

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Patterns of connectivity

Diane Brady, award-winning writer, interviewer, and senior media executive at Bloomberg Businessweek normally covers corporate strategies, profiles, and global business issues. Today she moderates a panel with René Obermann CEO of the telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, Klaus Hommels MD of Lakestar Switzerland – (invests in Internet companies) and John Hering, Co-Founder & CEO of Lookout(a smartphone security company) about patterns of connectivity.

This panel discusses about investing, partnerships and innovation in a connected environment and patterns that emerge on a micro and macro level. They talk about the future, mistakes and fears. "The big fear is to be flooded by big companies." says John Hering. René Obermann replied that the point is to become partners - the small and the big companies. "The point is to become trustworthing partners. The biggest mistake is not to be. You need to be at eye level." On the question of how you make your partners happy and don't frustrate them and how you solve a problem like this, John Hering says "Talk and be disciplined. If you're not on the table you're on the menu."

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John Hering, René Obermann

There are a lot of individual topics that were supposed to be in the panel discussion, but in the end, it seems everything is leading back to the value of partnerships.