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The liveblog on the individual sessions of the DLD13 conference

Sunday 20th January

The Human Face of Big Data

What´s holding back the data revolution?

DLD Arts Project

Patterns of Connectivity

Baba's Guide to Evolution

Coding the Future

Future of Authority

There will be Light

The Power of Lifestyle Changes, Social Networks and Love

21st Century Statecraft

DIY Science Lab

Biosynthetic Architecture

The Big Push

Ben's Blog

Monday 21st January

Giants vs. Consumers

Digital Marketing

Industry Outlook

Robotic Dance

Future of Mobile Payment

Cyberwarfare, Crime and Security

Extreme Bionics

Hacking is the new power

Searching the Universe

A Drop in the Amazon

Data and Risk

Pattern Shift: Warming World, Rising Risks

Creative ways to sell

Aenne Burda Award

The Third Paradise

89+ - Digital Natives - A Profile

Tuesday 22nd January

Wrap Up

Prestige 3.0

Emerging Times

Delivering Art

Patterns of Your Thoughts


Patterns that Connect

Learning about Creative Leadership - A Friendship's Tale

The Future of Audiences

Philanthropy 3.0

Developing the Developed World

Collaborative Creativity

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