DLD13 Liveblog: The Power of Lifestyle changes, Social Networks and Love

The Power of Lifestyle changes, Social Networks and Love

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Ornish focuses on the cause of health problems in the context of lifestyle changes. His research concludes that lifestyle changes is treatment in itself.

It even reduce the process of cancer developing and the research understates that genes are not the most important factor to define our health.

If it feels good your going to keep doing it. Fear is not a sustainable motivator like stopping to smoke because the fear of disease. But if you tell a person that smoking will make you look older then it´s something you can relate to straight away. That works!

Ornish also links depression to heart attack and that more people are dying today of chronic diseases worldwide than aids and malaria. And that If your friends are obese, your risk of obesity are 45% higher, revealing how important social context.

Ornish has implied his research to a homeless center in San Francisco and state that if homeless people can make the lifestyle changes then everyone can.

So what´s the solution? According to Omish: Trust, intimacy, healing, meaning, forgiveness, compassion and love!