For the final panel of DLD15, Peter Hirshberg is joined by Tobias Engel (CCC) and Dan Kaufmann (DARPA). Tobias gives us a rundown of the dramatic global cellular network vulnerabilities he recently revealed. You can intercept calls and ... More More arrow orange

How can we grow and enjoy better food, closer to home, further into the future? MIT Media Lab’s Kevin Slavin hosts a conversation with Caleb Harper from MIT Media Lab's CityFarm project, the Barbarian Group's Benjamin Palmer, ... More More arrow orange

Maps used to help us find our place in the world. Now they help us make sense of the world. Today’s mapping industry affects everything from logistics, to food delivery, to navigation and search. At DLD15, self-professed map junky and ... More More arrow orange

The panel on fashion was moderated by Annette Weber, Editor in Chief of InStyle Germany, who was joined by three speakers. Donald Schneider is the Creative Director at H&M. The retailing giant has around 3,500 stores spread across ... More More arrow orange

In his new role of European Comissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger is true to our motto “It’s only the beginning …”. He will give an insight into his agenda for the next years and point out which political ... More More arrow orange