Amanda Parkes introduces her fellow panelists Cédric Hutchings, Co-Founder of Withings, and Nikolaj Hviid, CEO of Bragi, along with Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz of CuteCircuit to talk about the future of wearables and their ... More More-arrow-orange

Director Francesca Rosella and CEO Ryan Genz are the design duo behind CuteCircuit's amazing creations. Their work is frequently featured in international magazines, books on design, fashion and innovation, such as Fashioning the ... More More-arrow-orange

Connect to your unborn Baby Urska Srsen (Bellabeat) pitched an emotionally as much as business oriented wearable. Bellabeat allows a soon-to-be mother to track her babies heartbeat. The collected data can be shared with friends and ... More More-arrow-orange

Gabriele Oettingen is up on stage to talk about positive thinking and personal change. How do we achieve personal change? Often people say: Think positive, be optimistic, focus on your dream. However, positive thinking in fact turns ... More More-arrow-orange

Shane Snow begins his inspiring talk on smartcuts with a story. Imagine you are driving a car in a remote part of the woods and there are three people you could pick up, but you just have one seat left: your friend who has once saved ... More More-arrow-orange

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