In today's highly interactive and public Internet space, all content and individuals — even the most benign — are growing increasingly vulnerable to online abuse, or "Internet shaming." Whether it's hate speech, cyber-bullying, revenge porn, trolling, or a privacy hack, the incidence of Internet shaming is rising in tandem with the proliferation of social media activity on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and more. More More arrow orange

China's tech scene is a relatively young one with enormous potential. The talent pool is deep, and in a country whose burgeoning middle class is almost as big as the entire U.S. population, investor interest is high. Chinese tech giants are some of the most valuable companies in the world — Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu — giving entrepreneurs who hope to create the next big company a model to aspire to. More More arrow orange

From the outside, it may look like Esther Dyson is used to predicting the future. As an angel investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Dyson's career has rested on her ability to spot the next big innovation and then to invest her time and money into the company that's making it happen. More More arrow orange

For much of existence, Homo sapiens have labored to simply survive. Now, centuries after technological and biomedical breakthroughs, humans can edit the human genome, print 3D body organs, and walk with the support of an exoskeleton. Bioethicists today face new quandaries: Where should we draw the line on what makes us human? How long should humans live? If a technology is useful for improving human biology, should it be used? But a transhumanist would argue that these are the wrong questions to ask. More More arrow orange

Stem cells could easily star in their own blockbuster mini-drama series. Since researchers first identified these life-rejuvenating cells three decades ago, the media has covered the field with a Jekyll and Hyde approach. On any given day, stem cells might be medicine's biggest breakthrough or its emptiest promise. More More arrow orange