Hans Ulrich Obrist, the co-director of Serpentine Gallery and DLDarts curator, has a project going on where he posts photographs of handwritten notes from the distinguished people he meets on his Instagram. He got inspired to do this ... More More-arrow-orange

John Perry Barlow – the man giving DLD14's last talk – is a man with many hats. He was a songwriter for the Grateful Dead, he cofounded the Electronic Frontier Foundation with fellow DLD participant Esther Dyson and was a founding ... More More-arrow-orange

Jeff Jarvis about Anke and her new book about walls and their effect on democracy. Anke Domscheit-Berg grew up in East Germany. As a student in the South-East of the former German Democratic Republic she hadn't all the ... More More-arrow-orange

Ankur Jain is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. recently named him the "best connected 21-year-old in the world" and by the end of this year, Jain will be the youngest person ever to go to space. Getting down to ... More More-arrow-orange

"A longing to fulfil your potential" is what drives Rafael Rozendaal, digital artist who loves the internet. "I treat the browser as my canvas and respect it" says the chic young man. Due to technical problems ... More More-arrow-orange

Imran Amed introduces his fellow panelists Chris Kyvetos, Ulric Jerome and Paula Reed to talk about the influences of mobile and e-commerce on retail stores. Chris Kyvetos explains the concept of Sneakerboy. Their physical store has ... More More-arrow-orange

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