Professor Jeff Jarvis moderates this interesting panel that brings together some innovators that are playing a role in the disruption of the financial system and the bank system through digital. Kristo Käärman is the co-founder of ... More More arrow orange

Jason Wishnow, who was integral in the creation of the TED video format, interviewed VICE news’ Jason Mojica. Vice News began as a show on VBS.TV which was VICE’s earliest experiment with online video along with various other shows ... More More arrow orange

Digital-Strategy and Media Consultant Cindy Stivers moderates a panel about the upcoming generation of media formats. Steven Levy is editor-in-chief of Backchannel, a publication dedicated to insightful tech articles operated by the ... More More arrow orange

Carolyn Everson, in charge of Facebook international marketing, joins DLDnyc stage with DLD Chairman Yossi Vardi for a q & n session. What are the main issues that CMO’s face today? For Carolyn the answer is clear: the main ... More More arrow orange

Here are a few snapshots of what goes on in the mind of Magnus Carlson: "When a computer looks at a position, it will see all the different possibilities and calculate many moves ahead. For me, its about seeing the right ... More More arrow orange

Nick Beim begins the discussion by offering a clear definition as to what exactly “Impact Investing” is. He says it is, “investing that has the intention to have a positive social impact in addition to generating a financial return.” ... More More arrow orange