Stem cells could easily star in their own blockbuster mini-drama series. Since researchers first identified these life-rejuvenating cells three decades ago, the media has covered the field with a Jekyll and Hyde approach. On any given day, stem cells might be medicine's biggest breakthrough or its emptiest promise. More More arrow orange

If quizzed on the best path to health, most people might rattle off advice repeated so often it's accepted as gospel truth. But none of those statements — not a single one — can be backed by clinical research and meta-analyses of scientific literature. More More arrow orange

It's hard to imagine a world without meat, but the current environmental impact of meat production is staggering and some say unsustainable in the long run. To address these challenges, some entrepreneurs are now attempting to use biotechnology to create a new future of food that they hope will minimize the inefficiencies and environmental burden of traditional meat production. More More arrow orange

Eternal youth has been chased by mankind for thousands of years, and so far, our efforts to turn back the clock have remained fruitless. But we seem to be getting closer — humans are living longer than ever before through advancements in public health, nutrition, and medicine. We are learning more and more about what makes our bodies tick, so is it only a matter of time before we finally discover that fountain of youth? More More arrow orange

17 million wearable devices were shipped to customers in 2014. But wearables are just a small part of a bigger phenomenon, the IoT business, machines connected and able to talk to other machines. It is expected to be a 6.2 billion ... More More arrow orange

A workshop for understanding how a wearable is designed, what technology can we integrate into it, what are the most common features and how they work for the user. The dynamics of the session are really simple and practical. After a ... More More arrow orange

What is biofabrication? Biofabrication is the automated production of tissues and organs to address health challenges in medicine. It uses the principles of additive manufacturing to combine cells, gels and fibres into a single ... More More arrow orange