A workshop for understanding how a wearable is designed, what technology can we integrate into it, what are the most common features and how they work for the user. The dynamics of the session are really simple and practical. After a ... More More arrow orange

17 million wearable devices were shipped to customers in 2014. But wearables are just a small part of a bigger phenomenon, the IoT business, machines connected and able to talk to other machines. It is expected to be a 6.2 billion ... More More arrow orange

What is biofabrication? Biofabrication is the automated production of tissues and organs to address health challenges in medicine. It uses the principles of additive manufacturing to combine cells, gels and fibres into a single ... More More arrow orange

New technologies are allowing new ways of approaching healthcare, of digitally relating patient and doctor, of providing tools for easiest and fastest online diagnosis. Some of these game changers compose this panel and give us valuable ... More More arrow orange

Ocana was a car designer at various companies working on innovative and luxurious vehicles, but it was only after being fired three times from different car companies that Ocana came to realize that “car companies really don’t like me ... More More arrow orange