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DLD New York 2018

Aufmacher blog 5472x3648 v1.jpg  992x0 q85 crop subsampling 2 upscale In less than two DLD will return to New York City for the fifth time on May 2, 2018. Steffi Czerny,Yossi Vardi and Paul-Bernhard Kallen will host the one-day conference in the futuristic IAC Building in the middle of Manhattan with around 600 participants and 45 speakers. Under the DLD annual ...

Glamorous Evening in Davos

24998746067 d716aa9071 z As part of this year's World Economic Forum (WEF), around 600 guests followed the invitation to the Burda DLD Nightcap in Davos. On Tuesday evening, the Burda board members Paul-Bernhard Kallen, Andreas Rittstieg, Martin Weiss, Philipp Welte, Stefan Winners and DLD managing director Steffi ...

Is Authenticity Overrated?

39126152604 48770808f0 z Is authenticity still an issue? Scanning through book shops and finding titles like „How to be yourself“ answer that question quite clearly. With these words Herminia Ibarra (London Business School) opens her DLD18 talk about the question „Is authenticity overrated?“ Unfortunately, her panel ...

Think Global, Build Social

24967968507 de9676f23a z War, protests against regimes, mass migration, environmental disasters – Can architecture help bridging differences in a more and more divided world? Architect Francis Kéré proves that it can help bringing people together. Francis Kéré has a clear vision: "As an architect you have the ...

"Uber den Wolken"

39805742842 6f80d24a2a z Dara Khosrowshahi made a political fashion-statement on stage at DLD Munich 18: The new Uber CEO wore a protest-slogan T-Shirt “We are all dreamers” – an immigrant himself Khosrowshahi wants to support the Dream Act, which provides a citizenship path and support for undocumented immigrant ...

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Data Collected by Butterflies

39786206192 813cc1df1c z(1) Localising forest fires, estimating biomass or carbon storage – analysing the quality of habitants for certain animal species. All that is possible thanks to remote sensing and essential for organisations like the World Wide Fund of Nature. What is already possible and where will technology lead ...

City of the Future

39782315772 7303ee5fd4 z How will old cities change and new cities be designed at the brink of a new age of smart cities? To Francesca Bria smart cities aren’t about companies providing technologies to cities to make them more efficient, they must also mean more participatory democracy and transparency of a ...