Der Aktionär

Der Aktionär


Company: Der Aktionär
Fields of operation: Media, Finance

DER AKTIONÄR is the weekly magazine for the markets and for finance in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 1996 DER AKTIONÄR has been helping investors asking themselves: „What shall I do with my money?“ Every week the writers and editors analyze stocks, funds, bonds, ETFs, certificates, warrants, commodities and precious metals. They give spedific recommendations for beginners and individual investors doing their investing of their own. The editorial staff also highlights the investment strategies of well-known market professionals, and they develop their own trading strategies for systematically successful investing. Successful model portfolios wrap up the editorial offering and the benefit for the reader is always the first priority. Therefore it goes without saying that the recommendations are followed-up in the weekly magazine and daily on the website New media like e-papers, mobile apps, video and web presence are the ideal complements to the profound basic offering.


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