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Alexander Del Toro Barba
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Alexander Del Toro Barba

Company: VisualVest
Title: Head of Product
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Fields of operation: Science, Digital, Technology
Twitter: deltorobarba

Alexander Del Toro Barba is Head of Product at VisualVest, a digital banking platform founded by the German asset manager Union Investment, where he is responsible for product development with artificial intelligence technologies (computational linguistics for virtual assistants/chatbots & automation of investment services with machine learning). Alex is leading three teams: data science, product management, and digital marketing.

Besides, Alex is PhD researcher in economics with focus on mathematical statistics & scientific computing at the University of Münster (Automation of hyperparameter optimization and dimensionality reduction using deep recurrent neural networks). He also teaches machine learning in business applications & financial times series forecasting at the University of Pforzheim.

Before joining VisualVest in 2015, Alex was part of the global partner marketing team for cloud platform solutions at Google in Dublin, Ireland, where he was responsible for data integration and developing marketing automation processes.

Alex has more than 9 years of professional experience in e-commerce and machine learning technologies for software companies & financial institutions, and is passionate about scientific research in machine intelligence, algorithmic information theory and Bayesian inference.