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Harish Bahl
Smile Group
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Harish Bahl

Company: Smile Group
Title: Chairman
Location: Gurgaon, India
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Investor
Twitter: Harish_Bahl

Founder of Smile Group, India-based Asian Internet Group, with extensive holdings in the consumer internet and digital media space. As a business builder, Smile partners with the best entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and global companies to build digital companies from scratch, expand operations and increase their footprint by rolling out internationally. Portfolio includes: - International Partnerships: * Katalyzers.com (an emerging market business building platform formed in partnership TPG Capital) * AirBnB.com (global rollout partnership) * Ogilvy (partnership with Neo@Ogilvy) * WPP (Joint Venture with WPP in Africa) * Yahoo! (Joint Venture with Yahoo! in India) - Digital Media * SVG Media - India's largest Digital media network(Tyroo.com, DGM, Precision Match ) * Quasar - a digital marketing agency (sold 75% stake to WPP) * SQUAD - Africa’s largest digital marketing agency - Social & Mobile Commerce: Juvalia.in - India's leading fashion jewelry brand - Ecommerce: FashionAndYou.com – India’s pioneer flash retail company - FreeCultr.com – an apparel and lifestyle brand Awards: "Udyog Rattan" , “Serial Entrepreneur” of the Year 2011