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Hiro Tamura
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Hiro Tamura

Hiro Tamura

Hiro Tamura

Hiro Tamura
Company: Atomico
Title: Partner
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Investor

Hiro Tamura is a Partner at Atomico, actively looking for great founders and companies to work with across the globe. Having joined the firm in 2008, Hiro has led Atomico's growth to become a leading institutional fund manager. This includes overseeing the raising of Atomico's third fund, Atomico III, which closed in November 2013 at $476 million, which was three times larger than the previous fund.

Hiro focuses on fintech, insurance, and real estate, and works with several Atomico portfolio companies including SmartNews, ZocDoc, Knewton, Urban Compass, Gengo, and Quipper (sold to Recruit).

Having worked on the global expansion of Skype, Hiro has over 15 years' first-hand experience in helping high growth companies to expand internationally, as both an investor and entrepreneur.

Before he joined Atomico, Hiro co-founded a investment firm based in Tokyo, deploying over $300 million into Asia based investments. He also founded Triple Junction, the technology consultancy that helped Skype grow its business rapidly in Japan and through Asia Pacific. He was also a founding member of the first pan Asian tech investment fund in 2000.

Hiro is a Japanese national with a BA in Economic and International Studies from Northwestern University in the United States. When he isn’t promoting Atomico’s portfolio companies, he’s rumored to be working on his career as a professional karaoke entertainer, in both Japanese and English.