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John Perry Barlow
Electronic Frontier Foundation Fellow
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John Perry Barlow

Company: Electronic Frontier Foundation Fellow
Title: Co-Founder
Location: Mill Valley, United States
Fields of operation: Politics, Business (non digital), Professional Service
Twitter: JPBarlow

John Perry Barlow was, for several decades, a Wyoming rancher and a songwriter for the Grateful Dead. He co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that has been protecting the free flow of information on the Internet since 1990. He remains actively engaged in running that organization. He has been writing about society in Cyberspace since 1988 and was first to apply that name to the global social space it presently describes. He was a founding Fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society and recently created the Freedom of the Press Foundation with Daniel Ellsberg to fund WikiLeaks and other conduits of transparency journalism. In 2013, He was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame, his second Hall of Fame induction after Rock and Roll. His startup company Algae Systems, is presently building a plant in Alabama to turn sewage into carbon negative jet fuel. He is the father of three daughters and his primary aspiration is to be a good ancestor.