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Karsten Lemm
WIRED Deutschland
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Karsten Lemm

Company: WIRED Deutschland
Title: Senior Editor
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Media, Journalist
Twitter: lemmk

[Karsten](http://www.kalemm.com ) is a Senior Editor with [WIRED Germany](https://www.wired.de/) in Berlin. He recently moved back to his native Germany after 16 years in San Francisco. As a business and technology correspondent for the newsmagazine Stern, Karsten got to meet Google while still in beta, Jeff Bezos when Amazon was predicted to be a dot.bomb, and the Tesla roadster when there were only two of them. He also contributed to a variety of other publications such as Capital, Lufthansa Magazin, and Ubergizmo. As an Arthur F. Burns Fellow, Karsten spent twelve thrilling weeks in the summer of 1998 with Wired.com and The Industry Standard – prompting him to stay at the Golden Gate for a little longer than planned. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and English Literature and occasionally likes to go all analogue by picking up something printed on paper.