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Michael Gleich
Culture Counts Foundation gGmbH
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Michael Gleich

Company: Culture Counts Foundation gGmbH
Title: Founder
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture, Social

Michael Gleich is a journalist specializing in vivid, hands-on elucidation of complex themes in the field of conflict transformation, environment, and cultural diversity. His books include* „Mobility – Mankind on The Move“*, *„Life Counts. Cataloguing Life on Earth“*, *„Web of life. The art of interconnected living“*, *"Successful Peacebuilders"* ([Peace Counts Project](http://www.peace-counts.de/)), and *"Culture Counts. The Chances of Cultural Diversity"*.
For his work he has received many awards.
He is founder of the registered charity [Culture Counts Foundation](http://www.culture-counts.de/) dedicated to practice, support, and teach constructive journalism (reporting on social problems with a solution orientation). 2008 he was appointed [Ashoka Fellow](https://www.ashoka.org/fellow/michael-gleich) as one of the leading Social Entrepreneurs in Germany. In 2016 he initiated the first [Global Peacebuilder Summit](http://global-peacebuilders.org/), gathering 30 of the best peace entrepreneurs worldwide in Berlin.

Want to know more about Michael? Find him on Youtube:
[Michael Gleich Ashoka Fellow 2008 Social Entrepreneur](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBrk60R3BcI) /watch?v=8gXua6x-inY)