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Social entrepreneur Raul Krauthausen is launching a new project which wants to bring a-thousand-and-one wheelchair ramps to public places across Germany.

Often a small staircase, with only a step or two, is enough to make it impossible for wheelchair users to enter a restaurant, a shop or other public buildings. The non-profit organization SOZIALHELDEN (Social Heroes), which was co-founded by DLD speaker Raul Krauthausen, wants to change this. For two years the project has been collecting information on an online map, about the accessibility of public places, using the online community of as its source for information. Now Social Heroes wants to spread a-thousand-and-one wheelchair ramps to places where the community thinks they are most needed.

In order for the idea of a-thousand-and-one ramps not to remain a fairytale, is collecting donations until January 7th 2013, in collaboration with the crowd funding platform BERGFÜRST. Those places which are given an easy access ramp will be added to, and marked with a sign on their entrance. For people whose regular trip to the post office or hairdresser is impossible because of a small staircase these signs mean greater independence and social inclusion. The ramps are simple devices which can be moved easily, but as Raul says “the ramps are solutions to small barriers with a big effect.”

To find out more about Raul Krauthausen’s visionary approach you can watch him participate in a panel on “Responsive Cities” at DLD11, or watch his presentation of at DLD Cities this September in London.

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