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Why is the body in relation to other disciplines increasingly of interest within the fields of creativity, arts and technology?

Not only the success of artist, Venice Biennial 2013 Golden Lion winner and previous DLD speaker Tino Sehgal or the currently strongly rediscovered Israelian choreographer Noa Eshkol (1924-2007) indicate, that there is a new tendency and shift towards the body. More specifically, within the arts to performance, dance, choreography and action.

At DLD14, Peter Weibel, Director of the ZKM, Center for Arts and Media speaks about media and the performative turn and intersections between technology, creativity and the body. Subsequently the media theorist, curator and artist outlines current cultural indicators advocating a newly arising interest in the body, shifting to action versus the representation of images. Recalling Francisco Varela´s term "radical embodiment" and in the light of an age accompanied by cybersecurity, new scientific discoveries merging biology, physics and nanotechnology, interactive wearable-technology-clothing and smart health-nutrition & body apps: can we observe a "new embodiment" ?

andré rival "insideout" from Sasha Waltz , photo: André Rival

Sasha Waltz Stammbaum (Family Tree; scene from insideout)
performed by Emmanouela-Nikoli Dolianiti at DLD14. With kind thanks to Sasha Waltz & Guests, Yoreme Waltz, Jochen Sandig.

With the choreographic installation insideout the internationally leading choreographer and Cultural Embassador of Germany 2013 Sasha Waltz realized a piece in 2003 in which viewers were for the first time able to move unhindered through the open stage space. An unmediated contact arose between the actors- musicians and dancers- and the audience. Based on the dancers life stories, the piece critically examines social and individual values, lifestyle and status symbols. Forming part of the total installation insideout,"Stammbaum (Family Tree)" is a manifestation of this research. As an excerpt from the current exhibition at ZKM "Sasha Waltz- installations-objects-performances" (more than 40 000 visitors, awarded as best exhibition of the year 2013) "Stammbaum (Family Tree)" comprises part of the performance program and a special moment at DLD2014 in conjunction with this DLD talk by Peter Weibel about media and the performative turn.

Peter Weibel and Sasha Waltz will demonstrate media and the performative turn at DLD14 conference, taking place in Munich, January 19-21, 2014. Tune in on the beat of our community on the DLD Pulse and find regular updates on the DLD14 programme and speakers here.

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