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"Fashion fades but style is eternal." Thus the timeless Yves Saint Laurent differentiated between two terms that are still getting confused frequently. In the light of Lapo Elkann's appearance, it evidently passes on and is an Italian trait, too. "I am not someone who likes fashion," he says cheekily, "I follow style."

With his brisk inclination towards the wild side and his seemingly unintentional elegance, the rakish grandson of Gianni Agnelli is the perfect (re)incarnation of the Italian playboy. Beyond his sartorial flair, Lapo is a brilliant marketeer and entrepreneur.

In this interview, he shares some of his abundant ideas on design, creativity, propositions and real luxury. "One needs to be hungry and daring," he says in reference to Steve Jobs's famous credo. "From a one €uro Bic lighter to a Ferrari of six million €uros, it's not a matter of money, it is about giving options: a rich person and a poor person; they want cool shit, they want fun stuff!"

One needs to be foolish and hungry.

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