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Don't Balkanise the Internet

Marco feature

Marco Börries has been in the digital hall of fame for more than 25 years. "Making ideas work and turning them into reality," he explains his biggest talent. The mastermind behind - the reason why he is nicknamed the "German Bill Gates" - has just been part of the delegation, which met chancellor Angela Merkel for the Internetgipfel (Internet Summit) in Berlin on June 4, 2012.

Discussing particular requirements and factors for the digital sector to boom, the dialogue between government officials and representatives of the Internet economy aimed to improve the framework design for the German start-up scene. Other DLDsters who participated in this reunion included Lars Hinrichs and Klaus Hommels. Until today, the topics of the meeting are handled confidentially. Nonetheless, the word on the web is that it was rather informational.

In this interview, the DLD all time alumni is touching the notion of privacy and the increasing involvement of governments. He advocates not to destroy the most democratising vehicle in the world by balkanizing it into fragments.

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