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As a special delight, star pianist Igor Levit, talked with journalist Gabi Czöppan at the end of our very first DLD Berlin.

Igor Levit plays the piano since he is three years old. He is winner of Gramophone’s “Recording of the Year 2016” award and has been described as "one of the essential artists of his generation" by the New York Times. However, today he is not at DLD to talk about his pianist career, but to take a stand in the political climate we are facing.

"I don't care if I am an artist or policeman or entrepeneur. I have an obligation as a citizen and European. We have to take responsibility." The problem is not one single party being elected into the parliament, the problem is that these people managed to shift the social and political climate, Igor explains. "The right wing has a very clear view of what they want: they want a different society. But where is the left? We need to ask ourselves in which kind of society we want to live in and what democracy means in the 20th century." The night after Trump was elected, Igor started a political discussion in the concert hall before he played. Usually, when he feels the urge to speak his mind, he takes to Twitter.

Gabi draws a parallel between the universal language of music and the Internet. Igor agrees that there is a connection: Via the Internet, you can explore what music as a universal language actually means. You can discover the music of people from the other side of the world and connect over it. "It's fantastic if you meet new people you feel inspired by. I always need people to interact with and speak to. I can't just do everything alone." The Internet as well as conferences like DLD are great places to meet people to connect to. A perfect closing remark for our DLD Berlin premiere.

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