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Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta has recently founded the APRC (Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council), a group that symbolises Asian diplomacy at its best. One of the first missions of the council will be to support Burma's peaceful opening of the state. The council was born out of the need for Asian leaders to rise up to the challenges that face Asia in a time when nations of the region are developing rapidly. The region holds many promises but is also riddled with conflict; such as the nuclear weapons that are pointed at each other within Asia, is stated by Dr. Horta as a major issue.


The upcoming cycle of elections in several Asian countries is discussed with a close look at Afghanistan's peace efforts. Felix Marquardt is in conversation with Dr. Horta, and reckons that the global community is thankful for the APRC's efforts.

The session allows the DLD audience to get an idea of the great challenge but also the vision of the APRC and its founder Dr. Horta who is soon to join the UN as special envoy to Guinea Bissau.

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