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Marissa Mayer is a true trailblazer. She joined Google as the company's first female engineer. Still, she rather talks about what she actually does at Google: Now the VP of Location, she runs Google Maps and local search; before that she helped create many products we don't want to live without, like Google Search and Gmail. In 2005, she was the first laureate of the Aenne Burda Award which honors exceptional women and thus encourages and inspires other women to believe in what they are doing and dare to be successful.

Marissa Mayer is a DLDfriend and a great role model for women (and men) in technology. In an interview with BuzzFeed she gives a lot of insight into what makes her get up every morning and talks about the status quo of gender inequality in her field.

Here's a sneak preview on the five pieces of advice she would give to young women at the beginning of their career:

  1. Work with the smartest people you can find.

  2. Do something you're not ready to do.

  3. Find a place where you're comfortable. When you're comfortable, that's when you overcome any shyness and inhibitions and can really speak your mind.

  4. Work for someone who invests in you. You want someone who would trust you with responsibility, who sends you to more training or seminars, and tries to really help build you for what you're going to do next, whether for that company or somewhere else.

  5. Find your rhythm.

*You can find the entire interview here.

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