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Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn calls himself a „mystical atheist“. For him there is more to the world than pure science, but he avoids using religious terms. Today, he sits down with another accomplished entrepreneur, Ariana Huffington to discuss the impact of digitalization on our daily lives.

Their first topic is business culture in digital companies. Hoffman highlights how important it is to create a win-win-relationship between employers and employees. He is convinced: In the transient digital industry, only those will be able to keep talented people who offer theim reasonable perspectives.

If that is not possible, one should at least stay in touch them through alumni networks, he says. Huffington tunes right in there: “At the Huffington Post we always welcomes employees back who left at some point looking for new experiences. During our ten year history we had some great examples of that”.

Another concern Huffington raises is that only negative news go viral. This could create the impression that there is no good in the world, showing only half of the picture. Is that a problem Hoffman sees as well? “I believe that humans respond to emotional powerful stories. Unfortunately, negative stories often are more emotional. However, you can do the same thing with positive stories. We just have to work harder to make those as emotional and journalistically solid as the negative ones”, he replies.

Finally, the two arrange a little deal. Huffington says, she publishes all her content on LinkedIn. Would Hoffman be willing to publish all his in the Huffington Post? Sure, he would!

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