How To Build A Successful Brand in Today's Connected World (Workshop)

Connected world

Why do some brands captivate our hearts and minds, while others languish? What are the concrete, actionable steps you can take to construct and nurture a brand that is memorable, distinctive and enduring? How do you take on the new challenges of a hyper-connected world in which so many people – customers, influencers and even competitors – participate in shaping your brand?

The “How to Build a Successful Brand in Today’s Connected World” workshop will review the definition of brand, the value to your business and the five steps to building an exceptionable brand in today’s transparent world. These include how to pinpoint an emotional connection with your target audience and how to use social media to your advantage. We will also look at the four steps to creating a standout personal brand.

This interactive workshop will allow time for you to try out some of the techniques we’ll discuss and apply them to your own branding challenges. We’ll share, discuss and provide feedback on issues that concern you.

As the former VP of marketing at several companies in their early stages -- like OpenTable and -- workshop leader Jaleh Bisharat is an award-winning marketing expert who has participated in growing a number of nascent businesses into flourishing brands. Currently SVP of marketing at Elance-oDesk, she is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

This workshop is part of the DLDw14 learning conference and will take place on July 21st at 11am. Do not hesitate to contact me if you had any questions and apply to attend DLDwomen 2014 here.

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