Innovation made in China

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“A global questionnaire of 668 top executives worldwide concluded that China will surpass Silicon Valley in high-tech innovation by 2016.” According to a recent article in Foreign Policy the rising giant from the east is picking up in the tech and innovation sector. At DLD13 a panel session was dedicated to take a look specifically at China’s social media scene. All five speakers live and work in China with their finger on the pulse of business, consumers or the media.

We caught up with some of the speakers after the session to ask them in detail about their fields of expertise.

Kitty Lun - CEO at Advertising Agency LOWE in China

Kevin Lee - COO at China Youthology

Duncan CLark - Chairman at Investment Advisory BDA

DLD13 Patterns that Connect

DLD13 conference Munich - "patterns that connect" - Germany January 20-22, 2013

True to its theme DLD also hosted Dambisa Moyo - award winning author and economist - who showcaed her book "Winner Take All". The book is a summary of her research on China's part in the gloabl race for resources. It is a critical analysis of what the booming economy in China means for the rest of the world. You can read the live report of her talk here

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