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Interactivity: A New Frontier

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In the land of digital aborigines, Rafael Rozendaal's work emerges as supreme digital cave paintings. He explores the Internet as a multi-faceted canvas and appraises its unique attributes. Clearly, interactivity is the new frontier.

'I am interested in the presence of the user in the picture. Your mouse or your finger is always there. So I'm always tied in between these moving images and interactive images,' he walks his thoughts at DLD12.

In this interview, he follows this question of what the responsive field of depiction means for art and if Youtube has disrupted the long narrative and displaced video art.

'The first thing you do on the Internet is you try to find things from the real world. What can you do on the Internet that is really for the Internet and what are the specific qualities of the Internet that other screens don’t have, that books don’t have, that paintings don’t have?'

Rafael explains at the Hans Ulrich Obrist session at DLD12.

'The Internet has a specific flow of time where you forget where you are and you might look at things for a split second or you might end up staring for ten minutes. That is one aspect of my work.'

In future history books / memory drives, his spot among the old masters of digital art is reserved in the cloud. In the meanwhile check his work at

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