LatAm is taking off


fnbox put together a 45-page slide show on the finances and figures of Latin America. Rodrigo Teijiero, Founder and CEO of fnbox, shares the insights with the DLD community. Here's the full report and some key take aways:


  • Consumer Market of 490 Million / with per capita disposable income $5700 (2.5 x China)

  • 5 of the most engaged countries in the world for social networking are in LATAM (Argentina ranks no.2)

  • External Factors: Record Levels of FDI and high commodity prices

  • Internal Factors: Political Stability, Economic Openness, Fiscal Prudence.

  • Difficulties: Currency Appreciations, Brasil is getting too hot!

  • Outlook: Strong GDP growth, huge potential in e-commerce (beyond Brasil) and emerging market in the global online industry

  • Accelerators and Incubators Boom in Latam

  • Private Equity and VC Investments Rise

And an article on LatAm's siginificance here - TNW 45 things you didn’t know about Brazil and Latin America