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DLD Impact Award for Rose McGowan

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Rose McGowan is one of the key initiators of the #MeToo movement, speaking out about sexual assault and harassment. She has used her voice to shine a light on violence against women, when she came forward herself, saying that the producer Harvey Weinstein raped her in a hotel room when she was a young woman. The Time magazine has recognized McGowan as one of the Silence Breaker, by naming her Time´s person of the year. She has been in the centre of the discussions and the media turmoil, and began and continued to tell her story on her own terms. Her memoir “Brave” will come out end of this month and in spring a new documentary television series “Citizen Rose” goes out.

At the DLD Munich 18 conference, Rose McGowan was awarded with the DLD Impact Award. German actress Sibel Kekilli gave a speech on McGowan, presenting her with the Award. “The definition of a revolution can be described as a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system. These movements are initiated by revolutionaries –people who take up the cause of bringing about change in an existing system and are not afraid of pushing back”, Kekilli started her speech on Rose McGowan. That she not only spoke out for herself, but also gave all the other victims, who did not have the strength to fight back. She went on explaining how she, has every human being, wants to live a free and self-determined live. But for many women in this world, this is still not reality. People humiliate others, only to make their own inadequacies feel better, too dominate them. Shacking and almost with tears in the eyes, Sibel said: „Rose, you can proudly look into the mirror every day. You had the courage, that for many of us unimaginable“

Mc Gowan answered with a moving speech, saying she wants to talk about being human, not about gender or about men and women. The US actress encouraged all women to fight, to tell the truth - and to advocate a new world order in which all are considered sovereign beings.

The legacy of this award is the DLDwomen network, the conference series was started in 2010 and looked at the impact of the digital age on women. DLDwomen was co-chaired over the years by Arianna Huffington, Pat Mitchell, former EU-Commissioner Vivane Reding, German Federal Minister Ursula von der Leyen and actress & activist Maria Furtwängler-Burda. One of key messages of DLDwomen was that any kind of change for women is pushed forward by role models – be it in business, politics, social or other areas. The award is dedicated to role models created impact through their courageous example. Therefore DLD was very much honored that Rose McGowan accepted the DLD Impact Award.