Personality PR - The art of fostering the brand called "ME"!

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First-person shooter or career booster? Personality PR is not only about attending glamourous events, walking the red carpet and waving to photographers.

As we are constantly bombarded with a flood of new information and are more easily replaced, it is paramount to create a unique profile of ourselves and our persona. A profile that distinguishes us from our possible surrogates and makes us stand out in the crowd. Since there are many pieces to the puzzle that forms our reputation, it is important to define your own USPs, to position yourself not only verbally, but also in social networks and to build strategic relationships and alliances. Always remember: as an entrepreneur, not only are you the visionary behind your company's mission, but also your appearance and attitude can be determining factors for the rise and fall of your business.

This session will not only provide you with valuable information concerning personality PR, including storytelling, the definition of USPs and your personal positioning, but will also introduce tools and strategies that will empower you to actively influence your reputation in the digital world. These tips and tricks will help you to create a powerful presence which may contribute to a positive standing.

DLDw14 Conference - "Relevance!-  2014

This workshop is part of the DLDw14 learning conference and will take place on July 22nd at 10.45am. Do not hesitate to contact the DLD team if you had any questions and apply to attend DLDwomen 2014 here.

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