Predicting Mega Trends

Sarwant singh mega trends

Following an intriguing introduction to Mega Trends at DLD Cities London, Sarwant Singh is now promoting his new book, which divulges information on the ten mega trends which he suspects will make a distinct impact on business and our lives as they come forth. New Mega Trends: Implications for our Future Lives is a manual for advice on utilizing these trends to profit in the future-not just in business but also in our personal lives, as they are suspected to completely transform and redefine the world by 2020.

In short, each of the 10 defining mega trends is a key factor in the transformation Singh identifies throughout his book, as we move from the past decade into the future. Among these changes in the next decade lies a change in the way we view transportation. E-mobility is expected to see a rise, as we steer our cars and transportation away from gas and into the arms of electricity. Trains are the new planes, explains Singh, with new high speed railways becoming an enticing and attractive way to travel as they are introduced globally. Both of these count towards an effort to achieve zeroes in all aspects of daily life as we strive for a clean and eco-friendly planet. Along the concept of zeroes, we also find the idea of zero crime, zero debt, and zero accidents enticing. This coincides with another mega trend, to promote the importance of health, wellness, and well-being, largely through health care. Sustainability is a thing of the past, as social awareness takes precedence this century. Out with the old and in with the new, smart is the new green, as we will see a rise in “smart” products in daily life, another key factor in mega trends as globalization takes technology to its brink. Singh also stresses the importance of a globally growing era of connectivity and convergence, as our planet becomes digital and connectivity sees a widespread convergence of technologies, products, and industries. With advances in technology however, comes a new battlefield, a war to be fought on 5 fronts: sea, air, land, space, and Governments and companies alike will form Cyber-armies to protect themselves around the globe. As we become a more urban planet, with over 50% of the population living in urban areas, and that statistic growing monthly, mega-cities and mega-regions are the source for the mega trends of the future. Global is a defining term, national goes global in a new selling point as well. “Make one, sell many” is advice to run a business on, the concept implying that selling a product to the masses in developing as well as already developed countries will pull the market globally. For future reference, social trends that will model society are geo socialization (Location based on Social Networking), robo slaves (in Home Robotic Butlers), the decade of the iPad generation and Little Emperors (ex. Role in Politics), reverse Brain Drain and global talent wars, middle bulge (Middle-Class Dominance), and girl Power.

Definitely food for thought in the coming years as the mega trends tip the scales and the change grips businesses and people alike. The key concepts of Sarwant Singh’s Mega Trends are intrinsic to change and improvement as well as globalization in the next decade and are expected to have a strong impact on the future. Here’s to the next 10 years!