The Gravity of Cities

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After several attempts, I caught Kevin Slavin in a rush at DLD12. Already floating away into the crowd again, he promised to return. Underscoring his level of seriousness, he threw an oath handshake at me. A man of his word (and obviously of manual reliability), he really came back for this interview about the role of cities for a new generation of start-ups. New York City and Berlin - both cities that only a few years ago weren't considered as great soil for tech start ups - have reached serious gravity and are growing to be centres of innovation. He argues that's because new business models are more about the interaction of people in the real world and using technology to facilitate that. 'There's a reason why location based services are developing in cities filled with people.'

You can find the entire DLD12 Interview Series here.

Coming from the abstract to the tangible, Kevin mentions how the project Genspace, the do-it-yourself citizen science lab, is bringing Brooklyn up to speed in biotech - and how it grows organically, just like plants. At DLD12, he introduced the co-founders Ellen Jorgensen and Oliver Medvedik to their session on DIY Science.

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