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DLD12 speaker Dr. Peter Diamandis is an American engineer, physician, entrepreneur, book author - and above all an optimist.

The book "Abundance - The Future is Better Than You Think", which he co-authored, is an antidote to today’s dark pessimism: It argues that new technologies and other forces are making the coming years better, not worse, as we so often worry. Looking back at the last hundred years, you can easily see these positive developments: the human life span has more than doubled, the gross income has tripled, the cost of food has dropped thirteen-fold, childhood mortality rate has decreased 99% - just to name a few numbers.

By 2020, 5 billion people will be connected on the internet and these people will enter our conversations, will put in their knowledge and ideas and create a new economic force. "People should stop complaining about problems and start solving them!", says Peter.

And in order to encourage this problem-solving, Peter is the Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and launching large incentive prizes to drive radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. One of their latest projects launched in January 2012 is the Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE, a $10 million competition for building a mobile device to diagnose and monitor healthcare conditions. The aim is to build a device you can talk to, cough on, do a finger blood prick with,... By using artifical intelligence, digital imaging, cloud computing and other technologies, the device will be able to diagnose you better than a qualified board of doctors.

The end result will be a radical innovation in healthcare, giving all individuals around the globe access to the best medical diagnostics on the planet. Be it a concerned mother at night or a villager in Pakistan or Africa.

According to Peter, we are living in a transformative time and the more interconnected we are as a planet, the better we are. "The fact that we are living during the most peaceful time in all human history is extraordiary. So I am an optimist and evidence shows that there is a good reason for that”, he said at DLD12.

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Peter Diamandis
X-Prize Foundation
Chairman & CEO
X-Prize Foundation
Santa Monica, CA