Workshop Review Series: Disruptive Retail - The Future of Shopping

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Misgiving is in the air that retail is dead. Is it really a justified anxiety? The future of shopping is online. With online shopping strategies, you can reach the customers where they are, which makes it easier for them and as well for merchants.

New systems are going to be integrated, which combine already existing shopping in stores with new online technologies. By entering a shop the staff already knows who you are, because there´s an automatically check-in through the mobile. GPS for geo-location services can attract customers into and through stores. They see an article, scan the QR-code et voilà.

There isn´t a real shopping basket anymore but another virtual shopping cart. Features, like a digital shopping assistant instead consultant and products made to order, are no problem anymore. If customers want to buy a product they can pay it through WIRECARD and if they don´t want to carry it home, there´s a delivery service, ordered through a special app.

Shopping is in a change! It will become more comfortable, faster and digital.

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