Workshop Review Series: How to Build a Successful Brand in Today's Connected World?


Think about a brand you really love. And now imagine it wouldn´t exist anymore. Quite a horror vision isn´t it? What´s the way to make a brand powerful and influential?

There are five steps to build up a successful brand.

Rational branding – Choose a working brand name with the right featured attitude. What is the essence of it? Place the business on an intelligent location.

Brand analysis – Words matter quite a lot, so make a statement.

Integrate skillful market testing - Taglines were shown to 107 people. They should read them and then complete a questionnaire with options like: Is it positive or negative, relevant or irrelevant, and so on. The result brought to light that the love tagline was interpreted positive from ¾ of the participants, but negative, not from a single one.

Worship customer experience – Perception of customer´s entire interaction. 200 Steps for one product is not a single step too much.

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DLDw14 Conference – “Relevance!” – Munich, Germany, July 2014 © Sorin Morar

Photo: Sorin Morar

People should be proud to be in the company. Make your own brand pyramid. Be authentic, be yourself! Don´t try to position yourself who you are not and be the best in what you do.

Success don´t comes out of the dark. Really everyone in a network can be consulted by someone else. A company lives from people who are really good, if not the best in what they do. So ring the right people into the concern. Those who are hired and also those who are hire.

Is there a must, to have a tagline, especially for a startup? A brand needs a feeling.

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