Workshop Review Series: Make Your Tweets Sing: A Twitter 101 Workshop

101 twitter workshop

You are not on Twitter? Congratulation, so you still got a life. But why is Twitter so overwhelming?

It´s the perfect platform for an fast and easy exchange with people from all around the globe. Trends here changes daily or by the minute. Connect yourself to share your passion. It feels good to be mentioned. Use it for business or social interests. Elevate and develop your personal brand. Market yourself and your company track by little money. Build up a community and find out what else might go around here. Twitter is a free form so it´s up to you how to use the platform. It can help to arrange a face to face u have never met before. Use tweets retweets (RT) modified ones (MT) Via´s and hashtags to draw as much as possible attention to yourself. Authenticity means everything. Choose an intelligent name to get the best reputation. Don't react too hasty, always await 20 seconds before spreading your message.

Be who you are, be your awesome self, and don´t forget to tweet, tweet and tweet again.

DLDw14 Conference - "Relevance!-  2014

Photo: picture alliance / Robert Schlesinger