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The NSA cat can´t believe you have skyped that. Makes no sense to you?

Skype is very insecure, because it isn´t encrypted. Everyone who is a bit into texting, can see all of your communication when you are connected in an open network. So what to do for a safe communication? A firewall and browser plug-ins like Noscript, Ghostery or BetterPrivacy are the least programs to have. For no more annoying spam of adds, there are add blockers available. Encryption is the buzzword. There exist different programs to use like WPA, SSH or SSL.

Tor is a free software for enabling online anonymity and resisting censorship. Without it, many politicians and human right activists couldn´t feel safe anymore. A southern German student who hosted a Tor server, even got problems with the NSA. So the program seems to work. Switch it on, every time you want to use it. And please, don´t believe the myth that Tor doesn´t work because everyone uses it. It makes your internet slower, but isn´t it nice to feel safe? There are also Tor services for your mobile devices.

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WhatsApp is one of the most used programs for communication nowadays. So how to get it safe? Use Jabber combined with an OTR-encryption to feel free. Are there any apps to install for making a phone safe by the easy way? RedPhone can make secure calls, TextSecure and ChatSecure are encrypted chat clients. To use Tor for Android, Orbot is the right choose. PGP and GPG are the icing on the cake for encrypting your data and it costs you a hard single click extra per time, to make them safe.

But what to do to have safe data when being on a journey? Cloud services are useful but also expensive. Instead of, you can make a secure back-up on your office and take an encrypt hard disc with you.

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