Workshop Review Series: Soul purpose workshop

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I have a plan that one day this brand will rise up.

A brand is not just a logo or tagline. With the strength of its soul it stands for who I am. The high IQ speaks to the customers brain, the EQ touches his heart warm and softly.

The brand captures the spirit of time and tells a story, which is relevant to all of us. It is the driving force of business, culture, behaviors and communication. No competitor got what the clients need, except me. Cause I know the difference.

The right position of the shops is essential. To look at the soul of a brand is like going to a medical check, so don´t forget. Business is a tough game. But I am brave to change things, even when I don´t like to.

I define the brand, cause if I don´t, my competes will do that for me by an unfortunate way.

To achieve my plan, I try to do the best I can and work hard every day. With a continuously focus on the brand.

And in the end a plan comes true.

DLDw14 Conference – “Relevance!” – Munich, Germany, July 2014 © Dominik Gigler

Photo: Dominic Gigler

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