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Giorgio Moroder is the father of disco music. In his studios in Munich he disrupted the entertainment industry and created a new sound. A sound that is now celebrating a renaissance - and is widely appreciated by contemporary giants like Daft Punk. It's only the beginning. Giorgio Moroder in conversation with Troy Carter.

Giorgio Moroder is a 74-years-old Italian musician. His main success was in the 1970's and 1980's with synthesizer disco music. You definitely know some songs! It's a long list of disco music smash hits, e.g. "I feel love" and "Hot Stuff" with Donna Summer, "Call me" with Blondie, "Love Kills" with Queen, and a lot of movie soundtracks for movies like "Scarface" (!983) with Al Pacino, "Flashdance" and "The NeverEnding Storiy". For "Midnight Express" he was awarded with the Oscar.

In 2014 he won an Grammy award for the album of the year with Daft Punk. Giorgio had a beautiful time between the 1980's and last year. He played golf and loved it. But Daft Punk put him back on the stage and now his hobby is to be a DJ, standing in front of thousands of people.

After the successful album with Daft Punk Sony offered him a new contract for a new album. It will be released soon with more or less famous counterparts, e.g. SIA, Kyle Minogue and Brittney Spears. The first single "Right here, right now" will be out tomorrow, he announced on stage. It's digital and he loves digital. He was maybe the first musician who published a whole digital album (EMC^2).

But it is so much easier now to produce a digital album. Everyone can do it. Home recording with some help of the digital world produce perfect music. It is possible to use different programs to distribute it to the digital world with the chance to be heard somewhere on the globe.

Music seems to be timeless, Giorgio explained to Troy Carter. Best case is "Scarface". People still love the sound and it was easy for him to write the music for the movie.

What's next? He finished his new album within 2 months, he started to love DJing - maybe he will produce another album, music for a video game is planned as well as the music for the next Tron movie and maybe some other movies.

"I'm back in the business more or less" - as a 74-year-old and a schedule of a 24-years-old.

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