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"Luxury is the best business in the world." Says Scott Galloway, NYU Professor who eloquently explains how luxury goods have always been shaped by new technology and the latest shift is e-commerce. Moreover Galloway demonstrates how the luxury market is a booming industry which is often underestimated as a niche market. He challenges the audience to think of another industry where women have had as great an impact, from Bobbi Brown to Esteè Lauder. To prove his point two leading ladies form the industry join Scott Galloway on stage - Susan Gilchrist from the Brunswick Group and Dana Gers from Jimmy Choo. Dana Gers says that at Jimmy Choo they focus on making their customer feel powerful and special because of the outstanding quality she purchases. While Susan Gilchrist talks about how brand engagement is increasingly important and effective in keeping their loyal customer base. She gives an example from Burberry which launched the campaign "the site of the trench" where several million people posted pictures of themselves in a trench-coat, which she considers real engagement and brand binding. Although it may seem as though digital advertising has overtaken the traditional media channels when you're among the DLD crowd, Scott Galloway points out that advertising budgets are still weighed heavily towards the more traditional ways of binding people to a brand.
Looking at the DLDw13 crowd Scott Galloway asks his colleagues on stage what advice they could give to young, aspiring women and men who want to break into the fashion and luxury industry. "Keep busy and be indispensable", says Dana Gers while Susan Gilchrist thinks that it's about your digital abilities which make you stand out to employers.
Wrapping up on personal stories from the three luxury experts, they gave the audience an insight into the intersection of digital developments and the luxury industry.

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