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Juliana Rotich is this year's winner of the DLDwomen Impact Award. She is a leading technologist in Kenya's Silicon Savannah. Gabriele Zedlmayer describes her as a cosmic girl with a global soul. In Africa Connect she presents her latest work. The idea of connectivity in Africa is at the heart of the sequel to USHAHIDI. LIving in Africa is literally living at the edge in more than one way. Africa is connected now but it had to fight to get there she says.

Towards the end of 2011 Juliana relocated to Nairobi where electricity is still not a given. Black-outs are part of the every day reality in Africa as well as high living costs for anything related to electricity. The solution Juliana and Ushahidi offer to this barrier to regular electricity is the BRCK. A device that can store and release electricity and is small enough to carry in a your bag.

"A device as simple as the BRCK can help people to realise their dreams in parts of the world like Africa" Juliana finishes her speech.

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