Against Solutionism

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An unconventional birthday present for DLD was Evgeny Morozov's talk against the solutionism that, according to him, prevails in the world of Silicon Valley. He had been invited to speak many times before and accepted the invitation this year as DLD turns 10. He is introduced as a "slightly controversial speaker for the DLD audience."

To clarify this warning Morozov begins by saying "I'm not a technology sceptic, I'm sceptical of the narrative that is used to justify technology as the solution to all our problems." Essentially Morozov argued that political and economic interest groups drive a discourse that sees technology as a tool to tackle social problems of all kind, and that "we are a community of consumers with shared interests". Morozov obviously disagrees with this narrative and believes that it actually "diminishes our ability to tackle problems collectively as a society."

"We have commoditised our privacy" says Morozov, because we don't question the powerful lobbyists and politicians that adhere to the idea that supporting the tech industry is only right as it fosters innovation and progress. To Morozov it is an environment in which we, among other things, misuse private data for the benefit of growth rates, an idea he illustrates by saying "we should not throw away mobile phones, we should throw away venture capitalists."**

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