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Feel like exploring New York's downtown underground creative scene in the late 1970s? How about some stories on how the underground art and hip hop scene first met? Legendary Fab 5 Freddie will walk you down his memory lane, a path that paved the way for modern street art (and the pop cultural penetration of contemporary art?), and holds a top position in the eternal hip hop hall of fame. Ahhhhh, this stuff is really fresh!

F5F is probably best known for the line "Ahhhh, This Stuff is Really Fresh" in his song "Change the Beat". It's probably the most scratched sample in the history of Hip Hop music.

He was part of an independent movie called "1981" which was filmed in 1981 but not published until the early 2000s. It captured the whole lifestyle of Fab 5 Freddie and his crew. It's a perfect masterpiece to introduce people to the culture of Hip Hop. People like Debbie Harris (Blondie) and Talking Heads joined the movement. Debbie immortalized him on "Rapture" when she rapped: ""Fab 5 Freddy told me everybody's fly."

Even the ZDF (public German TV) gave him money in 1980 to produce a movie called "Wild Style" to bring Hip Hop to the world. Later he helped the German punk band Toten Hosen. In 1983 he produced a Hip Hop version of "Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder" - which is said to be the very first co-production of Punk and Hip Hop.

"I need to produce music."

In the late 1980s, Fab 5 Freddy became the first host of a Hip Hop music TV show: "Yo! MTV Raps". The first TV show showcasting Hip Hop Music, e.g. 2Pac and Snoop Dog. It was a time when Michael Jackson was one of the few black musicians on MTV. But showing only videos in a TV studio was not the stuff he wanted to do. He wanted to be on the streets - where artist like Dr. Dre and his crew in L.A. could be found. So F5F went out there, introducing the Compton lifestyle to the TV audience. A novum - as MTV usually produced its shows in New York.

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