Autonomous Driving. Unexpected Opportunities Ahead

Autonomous driving
DLD conference

Challenge of autonomous driving for a car manufacturer

Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management, Head of Development, BMW Group

• big campus planned in Munich for autonomous driving

• change the way we develop

• the car in the center oft the digital transformation storm

• focus on delivering a fully autonomous driving car in 2021 - only 4 years!

• more change in next 5 years than in last 3 decades

• automated, electrified, connected, shared cars = 4 pillars of mobility going forward

• we have 8.5 Mio. connected cars on the road today

• we want to act like a startup deliver like a grown up

How does the car see? Why is it such a big engineering task?

Amnon Shashua, Mobileye

• laser, sensors, …

• gigabytes of data, to understand everything that is around us (signs, people, …)

• safety critical, and that’s what sets it apart from tech in another context

• society will allow people to kill people but not computers to kill people - autonomous driving

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel

• autonomous driving - not in all cities at once, it will grow, we have to be very careful and send less data as possible

• average people: 1 GB/day, an autonomous car will generate about 4k/day - comes to the problem to get to 5G bandwidth to handle it

• too many data will be floating around, an end to end planning including 5G is required

• redundancy of data ensures safety-critical driving - satellite & radar data is sensitive to shape, a camera is sensitive to texture

• crowd sourcing is key fro maps reaching the level of accuracy and actuality needed for autonomous driving, is key to update maps - international standards & partnering!

• real-time, accurate maps, challenge: low-cost solution so it can scale

• sharing the data?

• Will the connected autonomous car use more energy for data processing than for driving?

Amnon Shashua, Mobileye

• this game is not a game for a single player

"I compare autonomous driving with sending the man to the moon. A single company can’t achieve that alone"

• the lonely wolf approach will fail

• autonomous cars will be regulated like airplanes due to safety, they all will look similar

Klaus Fröhlich, BMW Group

"I don’t understand why people want to get rid of the steering wheel. We will have steering wheels on cars for 30-40 years"

• people should have the choice to drive or not

• Social question: is it drunk driving when sitting drunk in an autonomous car? 😉

• Or what about 12 years old?

Reasons for autonomous cars:

• might participation be one? less and less people have licenses, some can’t afford them - sharing?

• regulatory processes need 20 years for autonomous cars - attitude vs. realism

• BMW says it evolve from being a car maker to a mobility services company (media company, shopping company, entertainment company?)

• car become the ideal platform for developing AI

• driving car and content

• the key to understanding the mood of the passenger, providing personalized recommendations will be key listening to what you say, where you want to go, what are your needs = business model for AI?

There is still a lot of unknown in the game - but everyone wants to win the race.