Ballooning the Interview - Even the Communists Can’t Fight Gravity


When Peter Hirshberg saw the movie the Interview last christmas, he was curious what North Korean defectors would make of this strange American humor which also exposes their regime. Hirshberg arranged a viewing and showed excerpts of interviews with the defectors. There were certain things that impressed them. One said, it is it is unimaginable that Kim Jong-un would be interviewed for the people.

There is a generation North Korean millenials who grew up with a black market for films. For them, sharing videos is a form of social capital. The interview is available on the black market but the prices are 10 times higher than for other films. It shows that there is an interest to see it.

A live Skype call with two North Korean refugees and a human rights activist is being set up. The Human Rights Foundation plans to release copies of the film into North Korea by balloons at January 19. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign called "Hack them back" you can support.

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