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Every day 600,000 websites are created, a half a billion Tweets are sent and more than six billion searches are performed. Every day we recognize more than 5,000 brands. Networking is the key skill nowadays. The world is changing!

You can't have everything so you have to break things down to the main thing. Caroline Seifert questions how to earn money and how to harvest all these possibilities and create implicity. Relevance is the answer - Be Relevant!

Caroline Seifert, Senior Vice President Design at Deutsche Telekom, asks herself every day: "Did I do something relevant yesterday? Did I create value?" This is her key motivation at work too. Contextual development on mobiles is her team's next level. We all have 10-20 remote controls at home, but why? With a mobile device you are able to manage all with only this small device. This is relevance.

Be relevant. Stay relevant.

With her look into the future, Caroline told us more about the influence of customer experience. What will be successful because of its relevance? Wearables, augmented reality devices, smart home, smart cities, connected cars? Who knows, time will tell. But, if you create relevance instead endless powerpoint meetings and add a great customer experience you will stay relevant. Innovations come from solving problems.

Keep in mind: talking about the future always means to talk about knowledge. But not only knowledge. Only 1% is your idea. 9% is pure luck, and the rest (90%) is passion, patience, and energy.

DLDw14 Conference – “Relevance!” – Munich, Germany, July 2014 © Dominik Gigler

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Caroline Seifert
Deutsche Telekom
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Deutsche Telekom

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