Behavior Change in a Mobile World

Behavior change in a mobile world

Keith Ferrazzi, founder of research institute Ferrazzi Greenlight and Scott Kurnit, CEO of Keep Holdings are up on stage to talk about how mobile devices offer new possibilities to change human behaviour.

Keith Ferrazzi begins by presenting four simple rules to change human behaviour.

  1. Behaviour change is tough.It is almost impossible. So you have to know: Organizations don't change cultures. Only people change practices. With mobile devices you can reach people more personally, mobiles are everyday companions, so they also have more influence.

  2. There isn't much porosity of people to change in large organizations. You cannot dictate change. Empathy and reaching people on an emotional level is key.

  3. People only change when your community does. We don't want to fail others. It's why AA works. Mobile applications can learn from this.

  4. You won't change behaviour because of information. If so, we wouldn't have obesity or smokers. You need additional coaching. Mobile applications can tap into that.

Scott Kurnit talks about his firm as a case study and argues they have transformed to develop for mobile first because it has been demanded by consumers. Consumers have adapted to mobile much faster than the industry which now has to follow.

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