Between Bits & Budgets: State Of The EU

DLD conference

Former European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society and now European Commissioner for Budget and Human Ressources Günther Oettinger in conversation with Dominik Wichmann, DLD about the State of the EU.

• right now Günther Oettinger is in between two jobs at the European Union

Dominik asked what he think about Trump's Tweets - NATO is obsolete, he and his team expect EU to fall apart this year

Günter Oettinger

• only one president on Twitter, only one opinion

• clear agreement to NATO

• clear differentiation between the president and his government

Dominik Wichmann

• election year in France, Netherlands, Germany - rise of AfD and other right-wing parties - somehow feel responsible for that as a politician?

Günther Oettinger

• yes, decisions on an everyday basis, made mistakes - a development we had to made to stabilize, 13 new member states, maybe too much at once, maybe too fast

• integration of those countries was the right decision, to stabilize them, to stabilize the EU

Dominik Wichmann

• is this only an inside view?

• increasing instability EU seems to suffer? What about Russia, Turkey, ...?

Günter Oettinger

• Russia is powerful, global power, but the Russian economy is weak

• Turkey loses its future, no investor is willing to invest in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir...

"playing a risking game, long term losing the future of their kids“

Dominik Wichmann

• 2 years, said a lot, achieved less, what do you answer?

Günther Oettinger

"I did my best, maybe it wasn’t enough."

"I am quite optimistic"

• European single digital market, one cyber security, one data protection

• cross-border, Switzerland and Norway associated

• previous: 28 different data protection regulations, where is the standard is the lowest, company invested in Dublin…

• now we have one European data protection - value added for intern and external investors

• we need competition and clear rules

Dominik Wichmann

"Are big 4 net monopolies like Google and Facebook a danger?"

Günther Oettinger

"no, they are great companies, with great products“

Dominik asked a last question about Brexit

"Brexit is a major problem for Europe but even a bigger problem for UK"

final statement

• Dominik Wichmann: "All Europe should be like Baden-Württemberg?"

Günter Oettinger: "Why not?“

funniest moment

Dominik Wichmann tried to get Günther Oettinger saying: "We need agricultural subsidies to preserve European culture."

It didn't happened, but it made him smile.