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Diane Brady chats with Dennis Woodside, COO of Dropbox.

As Dropbox is a cloud service without end to end encryption, Brady raises questions about privacy and security. Woodside says that Dropbox is growing in Europe despite the broader sensitivity and regulations for privacy. It is good to have a lively debate about privacy rights. However, in his opinion, it is necessary to hand out personal data to the government to prevent crimes.

Will Dropbox diversify at one point? Not in the short term. Woodside points out that Dropbox is known for doing one thing well. It's a good thing to be focussed. Spotify, for example, does offer a better music player than the usual suspects, Woodside thinks.

If somebody should be interested to buy Dropbox? "We're good." Woodside explains how Dropbox makes money, for instance with partnerships.

At the end of the short panel, Woodside talks about the developments of Dropbox and presents carousel, their new photo sharing tool, as one of the features they build to enrich the Dropbox experience.

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